More Hand Crafted Oak Gift Float Boxes


Custom Made Fishing Float Boxes

I have just finished making this batch of float boxes for a client, there was a couple of custom made ones that he requested & what made it all worthwhile was the email that i received off him below

Hi Gary,

Just a short note to say the boxes arrived safe and sound and I could not be more delighted! The quality and finish are just superb, beautiful craftsmanship, and the “custom” ones are exactly what I wanted! I am a member of the Traditional Fisherman’s Forum and would be delighted to recommend you on the Forum with your blessing?

Kind Regards and thanks

Matt Hopes

My Hand Crafted Gift Size Oak Float Box

I have just completed two of my small hand crafted gift size float boxes for one of the members in Hand crafted fishing float group

This is a group that i was invited to join by Mark a couple of weeks ago, it has around 160 members at present, all of them really enthusiastic about making their own floats.

To be quite honest i haven’t really took much interest in float making but having taken an interest in the group i can see how addictive it could be & judging by the pictures of the floats some of the members have made they look extremely good.