Although i have made loads of float boxes of all shapes & sizes i have never ventured into the world of float making. To be quite honest it has never appealed to me but i know a lot of anglers who have a great passion for making their own floats.
On this page i will be displaying different collections of floats that have been lovingly made by these enthusiasts, i think you will be surprised at the quality of the floats & the great detail that has gone into making them.
The first batch of floats i will be taking a look at is by Ian Lewis, these are very popular floats that are made to a very high standard & have had great reviews, see what you think.



The above designs are a replica of Billy Lane Avons & Duckers. There are six different sizes to each float design finished to the highest standard. These are complimented by the Fishermans Paradise Gift Float box, a truly stunning box set.

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Billy Lane Avon replicas Billy Lane Ducker replicas
Billy Lane Darts Billy Lane Duckers Deluxe replicas